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4 Morsels of Eating Advice for Homeworkers

The topic of eating often comes up when I tell people I work remotely. “How do you stand it?” they ask. “I would eat everything in the house, all day long!” I’ve been lucky that food hasn’t been more than a passing distraction during my years of working from home. Maybe it’s a fluke, but I was fortunate enough to realize early on that if I didn’t get my work … Read more>

Make Your Workstation Work

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve seen this headline: Sitting is the new smoking. For years we’ve known that a poorly set up workstation can be bad for our backs and wreak havoc on our posture — but sucking the very life force from us, even if we eat right and exercise regularly? It’s just not fair. How do we counter all those sedentary hours? Take a stand. … Read more>

The Cat’s Meow: Interesting Uses and Favorite Features for GoToMyPC

As a tool to work on desktop computers from any device, GoToMyPC has a lot of pretty interesting uses. Many of us love our pets — some a bit more than others — so it should come as no surprise that the software would be applied to the web’s unofficial favorite animal: cats! Glenn Dobson, community leader of social media at Citrix, recently told us: “I’ve worked for Citrix for … Read more>

Clean Your Virtual Desktop and Make Your Life Easier

Hi, my name’s Niklas, and I’m a clutter-holic. My computer’s desktop has more files, programs and shortcuts on it than it has any right to have. The mess is slowly overtaking my screen, like a tidal wave of untidiness. Co-workers have started to notice. Each time I give the same refrain: “I know where everything is!” But who am I kidding. I get lost finding stuff I was just working … Read more>