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Santa Saves Christmas…From His Beach Chair

Even Santa’s vacations don’t always get off to a smooth start. First there was the bumpy, early morning sleigh ride. Then came the inexplicably delayed connecting sleigh in Phoenix. And the awful sleigh-line food — they call that cookies and milk? But, as Santa lounged in his beach chair and sipped his candy cane martini, none of it mattered much. That is, until he remembered: He still needed to approve … Read more>

The Homeworker’s Schedule: Drawing the Line in Work-Life Balance

I’ve lost count of how many people have said to me over the years: “I could never do what you do. I would spend all day goofing off if I were working from home.”   Becoming a successful work-from-homer can take practice. But even with some remote work experience on their CV, there are people who just can’t keep a productive schedule due to home-based distractions. Dogs bark at squirrels … Read more>

Workshifting While Guests (or You) Are Couchshifting

It’s most often something minor — a running shower, a lively conversation or a ringing cell phone. These little interruptions go hand in hand with holiday visitors, as much a part of the season as indulgent food or tacky sweaters. But, when you work from home, or are trying to get work done in someone else’s home, these seemingly trivial irritants can escalate quickly and become more serious nuisances. At … Read more>

4 Morsels of Eating Advice for Homeworkers

The topic of eating often comes up when I tell people I work remotely. “How do you stand it?” they ask. “I would eat everything in the house, all day long!” I’ve been lucky that food hasn’t been more than a passing distraction during my years of working from home. Maybe it’s a fluke, but I was fortunate enough to realize early on that if I didn’t get my work … Read more>