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3 Top Remote Work Trends to Expect in 2015

As an increasing number of companies are allowing employees to work from home full-time, business leaders are realizing that they need to take those workers’ unique needs into consideration. Companies that plan to prosper this year know that most new and even some long-term employees will want to work mobile more frequently. This expected growth in working outside the office will raise some challenges as well as opportunities for all … Read more>

5 Super Ways To Keep The “Big Game” From Affecting Your Productivity

This week’s football showdown — some U.S. enthusiasts versus a team of coastal birds — will probably be the most-watched show in the country. And with this viewing spectacular comes parties with pizza, beverages and more, all to celebrate crowning the top football team of the year. This Sunday fun often comes with a Monday headache, however. One survey has estimated that the Monday after the big game results in … Read more>

3 Ways to Both Serve Your Community and Work on Martin Luther King Jr. Day


Since 1994, Martin Luther King Jr. Day has functioned as a national day of service to honor the spirit of the man who inspired the holiday. Last year alone, its initiatives provided more than a half million Americans with emergency food and other assistance from volunteers. Even with this success, a lack of participation hampers its effectiveness. While Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a federal and state holiday, most … Read more>

Missing Out on Water-Cooler Talk: How to Keep Communication Going Both Ways When You Work Remote


Microwaving some mac and cheese while your colleagues are all out having a team birthday lunch is a bummer. It doesn’t matter if your coworkers simply forgot to include you in project planning or if it was a more intentional snub, being left out is one of the most difficult parts of working from home. It tends to balance out in the long run, you may tell yourself. After all, … Read more>