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3 Ways to Both Serve Your Community and Work on Martin Luther King Jr. Day


Since 1994, Martin Luther King Jr. Day has functioned as a national day of service to honor the spirit of the man who inspired the holiday. Last year alone, its initiatives provided more than a half million Americans with emergency food and other assistance from volunteers. Even with this success, a lack of participation hampers its effectiveness. While Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a federal and state holiday, most … Read more>

Missing Out on Water-Cooler Talk: How to Keep Communication Going Both Ways When You Work Remote


Microwaving some mac and cheese while your colleagues are all out having a team birthday lunch is a bummer. It doesn’t matter if your coworkers simply forgot to include you in project planning or if it was a more intentional snub, being left out is one of the most difficult parts of working from home. It tends to balance out in the long run, you may tell yourself. After all, … Read more>

In the St. Nick of Time: Remote Access to the Rescue


Cameras were snapping as families across the globe tried on sweaters from Grandma, tore through junk drawers to find a few loose AA batteries for Junior’s remote-control car and logged on to their new tablets for the first time. Well,” Santa thought, “we made it to another Christmas Day.” With that, he got to work on the most important Christmas gift of all. Mrs. Claus had always been something of … Read more>

All in a Sleigh’s Work: How Santa Takes Care of Business Anywhere


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Santa’s work didn’t stop just because he was away from the North Pole. The workshop floor is understaffed, and Rudolph is meeting his agent in L.A. to renegotiate his contract. But that doesn’t mean Santa can’t enjoy a candy cane latte at his favorite coffee shop while taking care of business. All it takes is a tablet and Santa’s table becomes his own paperless office. Using GoToMyPC, he grabs the … Read more>