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Clean Your Virtual Desktop and Make Your Life Easier

Hi, my name’s Niklas, and I’m a clutter-holic. My computer’s desktop has more files, programs and shortcuts on it than it has any right to have. The mess is slowly overtaking my screen, like a tidal wave of untidiness. Co-workers have started to notice. Each time I give the same refrain: “I know where everything is!” But who am I kidding. I get lost finding stuff I was just working … Read more>

3 Ways GoToMyPC Helps a Small Business Tackle Big Challenges

Taking on big-name competitors can be daunting for a small business. “We’re in a ‘David and Goliath’ situation because we’re competing against much larger companies,” explains Fred Meyers, president and founder of The Queensboro Shirt Company based in Wilmington, North Carolina. “We need to ‘run lean’ in every aspect of our business.” Fortunately, Meyers has made Citrix GoToMyPC an important part of his strategy for building an efficient, successful company. … Read more>

3 Ways GoToMyPC Shortcuts Make Your Life Easier

What’s even easier than opening your browser and logging in to another computer via GoToMyPC? Letting GoToMyPC Desktop Shortcuts do half the work for you. It’s the simplest and fastest way to access your computers. Check out how Desktop Shortcuts can make things simpler: 1.  Troubleshoot for a crowd. If you’re the unofficial IT specialist in your group, Desktop Shortcuts keep your family and friends’ computers just a click away. … Read more>

3 Easy Ways to Get In Shape While Working at Home

Starting or maintaining an exercise plan is rarely easy, even while working at home. Research shows that exercise enhances work-life balance by helping us feel like we have more time and giving us the confidence to accomplish more. So how do we get out the door without feeling like we’re wasting precious work time? Recent research corroborates the benefits of exercise as a way to help balance work and life. … Read more>