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Untether Yourself: Use Mobile Apps to Manage Life’s Little Emergencies

This week we released an updated GoToMyPC app for your Android phone or Kindle Fire, further adding to our portfolio of mobile solutions that enable a more flexible approach to work. When life’s little emergencies are pulling you in many different directions, a cloud-based service like GoToMyPC might be exactly what you need.

Here are some scenarios when the GoToMyPC mobile app can come in handy:

  • Soccer + deadline – You have to pick up your kids from school and take them to soccer practice, but you are on a deadline.
  • Weekend interruption – While playing golf on the weekend, you get an urgent call from your boss and need to jump online to update a document unexpectedly.
  • Vacation panic – You’re sitting on the beach in Hawaii and realize that you forgot to approve the time cards.

When emergencies such as these pop up, we often find ourselves stranded on the road, on a beach, or at a family member’s home, with just our mobile devices to help save us.

Enter GoToMyPC …

The fact of the matter is, we’re always on the go and life today is mobile. We don’t have the time or desire to sit in an office for 10-12 hours a day anymore. So why not mobilize work?

GoToMyPC enables you to access all your computers and files easily from your smartphone, tablet and laptop. We know our customers consider their mobile devices a necessity for getting work done. They have been raving about the way our product untethers them from the office and has saved them from life’s little (and big) emergencies.

So how can it help you in your times of need? Keep reading to hear real customer stories that were sent to us via our website and also during a Facebook poll we did in August. Visit our Facebook page to read even more. Even better, start a 30-day free trial and tell us one of your own!

  • “Because of the complexity of my real estate company, I chose to use a cutting edge desktop, even though I go from branch to branch for portions of my work. By using GoToMyPC on my iPad and iPhone, I can access needed information without having to carry equipment around.”
  • “I have used GoToMyPC from the hospital too! My dad was having a surgery and I was able to be with him during his recovery period, just working away while was he was laid up!”
  • “My client had a canceled flight on a Sunday and I was in a fashion show without my iPad or laptop. I was able to get her on another flight right away and did it all on my iPHONE!!! Great. She was very happy and my client forever. Thank you my GoToMyPC.”
  • “We LOVE GoToMyPC!!! It has enabled us to work from home and all over the country for that matter. Whoever developed this was a genius and we are very indebted to them!!”
  • “I was on a tight deadline for a 36-page catalog that had to be done in 2 days when my husband went into the hospital for an emergency. Grabbed my laptop and through the power of GoToMyPC I was able to work from the hospital and even meet the printer in the hospital parking lot for proofing. You guys have saved my job on more than one occasion and I use you just about every day :)”
  • “The birth of my three grandchildren. I worked through the hours before delivery.”


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