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How Has GoToMyPC Changed the Way You Work?

We like to listen to our customers at Citrix GoToMyPC. From surveys to social media to full-on customer visits, we do a lot to make sure your voice is heard loud and clear. It helps us stay on the right track.

In the process of listening, we also get to hear great stories of how people use remote access to work better and live better. We think these stories need more recognition than we can provide all by ourselves. So we decided to try something new. What better way to share these stories than to have you tell them directly?

We’re excited to announce that we’ve just launched an easy way for you to speak about your GoToMyPC experience. It’s our new video submission platform – now you can record short clips using just your webcam and our easy platform. The videos are posted in our online gallery afterwards, ready to be seen and shared.

Recording and submitting a video takes no more than a minute or two of your time. Once on the page, click the red Record circle and – in 30 seconds or less – answer the question: “How has GoToMyPC changed the way you work?” Feel free to mention your business by name for added exposure!

Click to record your story: How has GoToMyPC changed the way you work?

Once reviewed, your video will be featured on our websites and social channels, and you and your business may also be showcased in an upcoming spotlight here on the Citrix GoTo Blog. You get more publicity, and of course, everyone else gets the benefit of your insights and experience.

For an awesome example, check out this recent clip from Joy Aumiller of Aumiller’s Auto Parts in Halifax, PA where she’s working from home while waiting for a repairman. With GoToMyPC, she can be where she needs to be and still connect from anywhere to get her job done.


“We have been in business since 1981 and have rarely advertised. Crazy, huh?” Joy told us after submitting her video. “We rely on our honesty, great service and customer word of mouth, but it was a neat experience to do something different – especially online!” Thanks for sharing your story, Joy!

Don’t have a webcam? No problem – you can still participate. A recording from your mobile device works just as well on the platform page. Simply click Record and select Upload a Video to attach the file.

We look forward to hearing how GoToMyPC has changed the way you work!

Photo Credit: yohann.aberkane via Compfight cc

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