Small Business Stories: Kaydee Peterson Nails Work-Life Balance with GoToMyPC

Did you know that small businesses employ over half the U.S. workforce? They play a big role, but their successes often go unheard.

We thought some extra exposure was in order, so we’re launching a new series here on the GoTo Blog called Small Business Stories. It’ll be a regular feature highlighting small business owners who’ve used Citrix solutions to great effect, and we’re starting with GoToMyPC customers picked from our video submission gallery. For each post, we’ll give a little background and then share the video the owner recorded so you can hear from him or her directly.

Kicking off the series for us, Kaydee Peterson is the owner of Peterson Business Services, based in Vancouver, WA. Kaydee runs a consultancy that uses technology to provide accounting services to businesses. In the process, Kaydee and her team help clients to balance their own work and family lives. That’s a benefit Kaydee can appreciate, because she’s often just as busy.

“I always knew that I would be a business owner, but now as a parent myself, I truly understand the value of business and family time,” said Kaydee. She wanted a way for employees to leave the office behind without having to close everything up. So, she turned to remote access as a solution.

After trying a few “less than awesome” remote access methods, Kaydee settled on GoToMyPC as the way to a healthy work-life balance. The trusted Citrix security, ease of use and broad device compatibility were big reasons why.

With GoToMyPC for her and her team, leaving the office to handle personal affairs is no longer stressful. They can just connect back in through GoToMyPC to finish work from wherever they are. “Our office does not compete with our personal lives, but enables us to live more fully the way we really want to,” Kaydee said.

Check out Kaydee’s video below to hear how GoToMyPC has changed the way she personally works. Whether spending time with her kids or taking off for a vacation, she can relax knowing she can still get her work done when she needs to.

Want to be in the next Small Business Story? Click on over to our video gallery where you can record a short snippet about you, your business and how you’re using GoToMyPC. We’ll post each one to our web and social channels, and our favorites will be featured in our Small Business Stories here on the GoTo Blog.