Small Business Story: Amanda Thelen Frees Time for Family with GoToMyPC

Family owned and operated since 1980, Thelen Service Center is an automotive shop offering a variety of services from repairs to regular maintenance in Albany, Minnesota. Now in its third generation of Thelens, the shop still provides the same helpful and friendly service as always. They even offer free vehicle pick up and delivery for people too busy with work to drop their cars off.

Speaking of busy, part-owner Amanda Thelen works as a secretary for the shop, helping her brothers Ben and Bob run the business. But she also has another full-time job at a company 25 miles away.

“After working a full day at my other job, I would pack up my kids once a week, every week, and drive 30 minutes to drop my kids off at my Mom’s and go to our business,” said Amanda. “I’d try to do all my work, bills and checkbook balancing for the week in a few hours before I would have to pick up the kids and drive 30 minutes home.”

Unsurprisingly, Amanda began to get fed up with the back-and-forth. She realized the best solution would be to use her laptop to simply do her work from home, but she could not get her computers networked no matter what she tried. But then she came across an advertisement alerting her to GoToMyPC remote access.

“It was destiny!” joked Amanda. “Now that I have GoToMyPC, I don’t have to make that dreaded trip. I can go online anytime and stay caught up when the kids are watching a movie or napping.”

Now she’s more in control of her busy work schedule, and she can spend extra time with the family to boot. Check out Amanda’s video below to hear more about how GoToMyPC has changed the way she works.

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