Clean Your Virtual Desktop and Make Your Life Easier

Hi, my name’s Niklas, and I’m a clutter-holic. My computer’s desktop has more files, programs and shortcuts on it than it has any right to have. The mess is slowly overtaking my screen, like a tidal wave of untidiness. Co-workers have started to notice. Each time I give the same refrain: “I know where everything is!”

But who am I kidding. I get lost finding stuff I was just working on.

And you know what’s worse? When I’m working remotely. I connect using GoToMyPC, but my home laptop has a much smaller screen, which makes viewing and searching through work a game of hide-and-seek. Except it’s not fun, and I always lose.

I know I’m not alone either. The good people at the Personal Computer Museum recognized the clutter problem a while back, and they’ve launched a counter-offensive. They’ve declared that the third Monday of every October is “National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day.”

According to their rough calculations, if you add up everyone’s unused icons, you’d have 169 acres of wasted virtual space. That’s nearly 130 football fields’ worth of neglect. And I’ve definitely contributed more than my fair share to that number.

So I hope you join me today in celebrating the occasion. Clear out the dust, keep it tidy and say goodbye to desktop confusion.


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