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Six Cool Ways to Use GoToMyPC

GoToMyPC can make for great experiences with its simple remote access, but have you really brainstormed what else it can do? Here are 6 innovative ways to use GoToMyPC.

1.  Troubleshoot for a friend.
If you and your friend are both using a PC, you can walk him or her through computer problems via GoToMyPC’s Guest Invite feature. Use drawing tools to enable greater communication, or better yet, fix it yourself with keyboard and mouse control. If you find yourself helping out a lot, try GoToAssist Remote Support.
2.  Watch while you’re away.
Create an instant security camera and view it remotely! Just set up a webcam on your host computer, turn it on and point it in any direction you want. Voilà – an instant security camera, accessible from anywhere.
3.  Turn your mobile device into a computer. Tablets and smartphones are great for browsing but poor for working – that is, unless you can access your full computer with our apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
4.  Print remotely. PC users can easily print remote files to a local printer with our Remote Printing feature. No need to transfer files before printing – just enable the GoToMyPC printer and go!
5.  Save power. Limited battery life on your laptop? Connect with GoToMyPC and run resource-heavy programs through your host computer instead.
6.  Save time.There’s no need to connect through the GoToMyPC website – just log in to your computer in seconds using Desktop Shortcuts.

Have you discovered another cool way to use GoToMyPC?  Let us know us on Facebook or Twitter.


Photo credit: Dan Barbus via Flickr

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