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Celebrate National Hammock Day this July

It’s no wonder that National Hammock Day is celebrated in July. When you think of summer, you probably think of lounging outdoors and enjoying the happenings around you, so hammocks certainly make the perfect addition to the scene.

You might be surprised that many historians believe the hammock is more than 1,000 years old. In fact, Spanish colonists noted the use of hammocks by Native Americans at the time of the Spanish conquest. Back in the day these ancient snooze-slings were useful because they provided safety from disease transmission, insect stings and animal bites. Centuries later, we still use hammocks for similar reasons.

However, we would like to add one more use for this soothing summer staple — workshifting. Now, we aren’t suggesting that you leap into your backyard hammock with your laptop; instead, we would like to propose the hammock as the perfect way to take a break.

Research shows that taking breaks at work is good for you and good for business. According to The New York Times, daytime napping has a positive affect on work performance.

Don’t believe us? The Scientific American also recommends giving your brain a break, noting that clearing your “cerebral congestion” by taking breaks at work results in greater productivity and greater job satisfaction.

It’s time to change the way that we think about our downtime. In a world where you have hundreds of emails a day, dozens of social media networks to update and countless work-related tasks to accomplish, taking a breather is the best way to keep yourself happy and motivated.

So, that settles it. Hammocks for everyone!

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