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5 Super Ways To Keep The “Big Game” From Affecting Your Productivity

This week’s football showdown — some U.S. enthusiasts versus a team of coastal birds — will probably be the most-watched show in the country. And with this viewing spectacular comes parties with pizza, beverages and more, all to celebrate crowning the top football team of the year.

This Sunday fun often comes with a Monday headache, however. One survey has estimated that the Monday after the big game results in more than $800 million in lost productivity due to workers calling in sick, coming in late and just not being as efficient as normal in the wake of previous evening’s fun.

Chances are your employer will not be impressed by you being tardy or slow just because you enjoyed some football too much the day before. Combat that problem with these suggestions:

    1. Pre-plan everything you need to do on Monday. That includes what to eat and what to wear, not just what tasks you need to prioritize. Be reasonable and modest with your goals, particularly if they rely on others to be completed. By getting yourself ahead of what you normally do to prepare for a workday, you will be just as relaxed going back on the job as you will be watching the game.


    1. Exercise. A good workout will clear your mind as well as burn off those excess calories you consumed during a football party. Remember to take it easy in case you have not been to the gym for several weeks – especially if you cheered for a team on Sunday and now have the aches and bruises to show for it.


    1. Schedule a post-work event Monday. Reconnect with friends, and talk about the game or other topics for dinner or drinks. That way, you can focus on tasks at hand prior to the occasion, knowing that more fun awaits you once you fulfill your usual duties.


    1. Celebrate Groundhog Day. Enjoy the quasi-holiday occurring the day after this game. Watch Punxsutawney Phil emerge from his burrow and note if he sees his shadow (meaning six more weeks of winter). Get creative and make Groundhog Day-themed desserts and crafts, by yourself or with family and friends. Just don’t keep repeating mistakes throughout the day, OK?


    1. Work from home in your pajamas to keep the noise at bay. Sometimes the noise of the office is what keeps that headache going, so connect to the office remotely with GoToMyPC. Working in your sweatpants may just be what you need to stay productive.


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