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In the St. Nick of Time: Remote Access to the Rescue

Cameras were snapping as families across the globe tried on sweaters from Grandma, tore through junk drawers to find a few loose AA batteries for Junior’s remote-control car and logged on to their new tablets for the first time.

Well,” Santa thought, “we made it to another Christmas Day.”

With that, he got to work on the most important Christmas gift of all. Mrs. Claus had always been something of a shutterbug, and this year Santa thought a wall full of high-quality, framed prints of hers would be the perfect present.

But, before he could send the images to be printed and framed, he had to find them. Photos from their umpteenth honeymoon were saved on his workshop computer, a few of the pictures from their latest anniversary cruise to Mexico were on Mrs. Claus’s laptop and he’d have to look around to find evidence of that time they drove their RV to the Grand Canyon.

Thankfully, Santa had become an expert on GoToMyPC, so accessing their various computers was not a problem. With Mrs. Claus just outside celebrating another job well done with the elves, he put his feet up and started weeding out the shots that were blurry or taken mid-blink. Santa then uploaded his favorites to his custom-branded ShareFile account and sent them — and his one-hour rush order — to be printed.

They were ready just in time. Santa worked feverishly to hang the newly framed photos with care before Mrs. Claus returned, and he was straightening the last one as she walked in the door.

The look on her face said it all.

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