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3 Ways GoToMyPC Shortcuts Make Your Life Easier

What’s even easier than opening your browser and logging in to another computer via GoToMyPC? Letting GoToMyPC Desktop Shortcuts do half the work for you. It’s the simplest and fastest way to access your computers.

Check out how Desktop Shortcuts can make things simpler:

1.  Troubleshoot for a crowd.
If you’re the unofficial IT specialist in your group, Desktop Shortcuts keep your family and friends’ computers just a click away. Create shortcuts to computers you frequently support labeled on your desktop so you can streamline those tech calls by jumping on the machines immediately.

2.  Forget the password.
Well, don’t really forget it. But you can save yourself that step every time you use your Desktop Shortcuts. The shortcuts retain your log-in information, so you can skip your username and password and simply enter the appropriate access code to connect.

3.  Make your work check-ins a breeze.

Working from home or on the road can get hectic. So if you only have a few minutes to spare between this and that, save yourself a little time with Desktop Shortcuts. Check in on your work computer in seconds by clicking the shortcut on your laptop. And then get back to your day.

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