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3 Ways GoToMyPC Helps a Small Business Tackle Big Challenges

Taking on big-name competitors can be daunting for a small business.

“We’re in a ‘David and Goliath’ situation because we’re competing against much larger companies,” explains Fred Meyers, president and founder of The Queensboro Shirt Company based in Wilmington, North Carolina. “We need to ‘run lean’ in every aspect of our business.”

Fortunately, Meyers has made Citrix GoToMyPC an important part of his strategy for building an efficient, successful company. GoToMyPC helps Queensboro compete by providing three assets many small and mid-sized companies need to outhustle the competition.

  1. Lean operations
    When personnel and resources are limited, small business owners can always use a boost in productivity. GoToMyPC helps Meyer essentially be in two places at one time.
    “GoToMyPC has contributed to the success of our business because I can extend myself beyond my desk,” says Meyer. He can work with full software and network resources while on the road promoting the company.
    Best of all, GoToMyPC is priced with small businesses in mind and is easy enough to manage without bringing in an IT consultant. Meyer says his bookkeeper manages GoToMyPC licenses for the Queensboro team.
  1. Better service
    Personalized service is a key differentiator for many small businesses, and with GoToMyPC, Queensboro is no exception. With the information and systems on his office computer available anywhere, Meyer says he can research issues and respond to clients anytime questions and problems arise, even if he’s left the office for the day. That helps a busy business owner and his employees stretch their availability for customers.
  1. Employee retention
    “When you find good, productive employees, you do what you can to keep them happy,” advises Meyers.
    With GoToMyPC, Queensboro employees can strike the perfect balance between their home and work lives. Meyers can offer employees big benefits like the ability to work remotely without compromising on productivity or service. With access to everything on their work computers, employees can work from wherever they choose without holdups.
    “Getting access to the office and every facet of our business 24/7 makes me incredibly productive. GoToMyPC Pro helps us get business done,” says Meyers.

Read the case study to learn more about how The Queensboro Shirt Company uses GoToMyPC. Have your own story to share? Nominate your company and let us spotlight your success!

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