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Small Businesses Speak Up: How GoToMyPC Adds Value

What do you like most about GoToMyPC? We’ve asked small businesses time and time again, and their responses are just as varied as the businesses they run.

To give you a good picture of just how remote access has helped these business professionals, we’ve pooled some of our favorite responses from the past year. Take a look and see what our customers had to say about GoToMyPC for small businesses.

Running my business with GoToMyPC


– Jack Rein

Freedom from the office

“We have been using it over two years without a hiccup. A key benefit – GoToMyPC offers a secure and easy connection to work for transferring files across multiple operating systems and multiple platforms (PC, Mac, mobile). For the reliability, price and flexibility, there is nothing that beats it on the market. As a business owner, I have been able to take advantage of getting away from the office without concern that I won’t be able to support and respond to clients remotely, even if I’m armed only with my phone.”

– Jay Roberts

I can work from home!

“I have a busy practice, and during most of the work week, I cannot just simply go to my office and do my accounting, banking, bills, payroll or statistics. When I am home, especially on weekends, I can send my husband on errands, log in to the office and reconcile my accounts. I can see how the clinic did during the week and send reports to my accountant. I can even pay my bills, taxes or any other function I wish that I could do during my busy work week IN MY PAJAMAS! I love it, and my husband loves that I do not have to go in to the office during the weekend or stay after hours at the office to get this done. My dog loves it too, since he can be by my side when I work.”

– Celine Lemieux

It’s simple to use!

“Running our growing business with two locations has been made infinitely simpler by using GoToMyPC. I have our key management people using GoToMyPC on a regular basis, too, and the increased connectivity has directly resulted in increased productivity.”

– John Crawford

Best of breed in my book


– Jim Simmons

Indispensable tool for busy travel agent

“As a travel agent, I sometimes need to work from literally anywhere in the world. GoToMyPC allows me to leave sensitive client information on my home computer yet still take care of client needs regardless of where I might be. I protect my business and my clients at the same time.”

– Amber Blecker

Work from home. Serve my clients well. Save the environment!

“I’m able to work from PC to Mac or PC when it’s convenient for me and my clients, while allowing me to be present with my child. Rarely do I have any problems with GoToMyPC. This software is very reliable, allows cross-platform usage, helps save the environment and enables me to provide excellent customer service. Speaking of, I’ve also received excellent customer service from GoToMyPC tech support. I’m so glad this software is available.”

– Laurie

Wherever our iPad goes, the whole office goes.


– Kaydee Peterson

Want to share your own experience? Visit our video gallery where you can record a short snippet about you, your business and how you’re using GoToMyPC. Recording is easy and can be done in less than 2 minutes – all you need is your webcam or mobile device. We’ll then post your video to our web and social channels, and our favorites will be featured in our Small Business Stories series here on the GoTo Blog.


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