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10 Times When You Should Use Mobile Voice Input with GoToMyPC

By Gayle Turner

I recently found out that if you use GoToMyPC with the voice input feature on your smartphone, you can dictate copy to your host computer. So, instead of trying to type with your thumbs, you talk into your phone and it comes out as text in an email, Word doc, spreadsheet or presentation on your Mac or PC. Pretty cool, huh?

This got me thinking – when would you use this “The Jetsons meets Dictaphone” capability? Seems like anytime you only have one hand free would make sense, plus a few other occasions when it simply feels like a good idea.

  1. You’re walking the dog.
  2. You’re holding onto the pole on the subway/bus.
  3. Your other hand is in a cast.
  4. You’re eating something you can’t put down (like a pita or ice cream cone).
  5. You’re holding a drink at a party.
  6. You’re playing cards.
  7. You’re holding a baby.
  8. You want to impress your date/potential in-laws/boss.
  9. You stink at texting.
  10. You’re just in too big of a hurry to type.

Note that “You’re driving” is not on the list – let’s keep both hands on the wheel, folks.

Want to learn more about how it works? Read the GoToMyPC Mobile Voice Input fact sheet.

Photo Credit: Leo Reynolds via Compfight cc

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