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Samurai Comics Gives GoToMyPC a “Super” Review

By Gayle Turner

Every once in awhile, we get a customer review that just makes our day. We email it to our co-workers. We tell our spouses about it. We get that warm fuzzy feeling inside.

The following from Michael Banks, owner of Samurai Comics in Phoenix, AZ, gave us a glow that was practically radioactive:

Super Powered Product!
As the owner of Samurai Comics, I can’t afford to have some JOKER overseeing my business. Unfortunately there aren’t any SUPERMEN or WONDER WOMEN to turn things over to…

When it comes to managing my business, it falls squarely on my shoulders. That was tough enough with one store, but now that we’ve expanded to 3 locations I was a bit overwhelmed.


Now I can manage all 3 stores from the comfort of home.

I can easily toggle between the computers at each store, doing orders, transferring inventory, leaving instructions for my store managers…

I can even watch what is happening on the Point of Sale computers at my stores in real time – allowing me to keep an eye on my employees and help eliminate any possible theft.

And best of all, I can spend more time with my children, working from home, rather than being stuck in my stores all day long.

Thanks GoToMyPC!

We were so honored and impressed, we decided to contact Mike and ask him a few follow-up questions. I had the privilege of chatting with him via GoToMeeting with HDFaces.

What led you to start using GoToMyPC?
We were looking for a network solution between stores, so we searched the Internet and tried a couple of things. We looked at LogMeIn, but we loved how easy it was to use GoToMyPC.

Can you think of any specific instances when GoToMyPC “saved the day?”
Once a long-time customer was upset because his order wasn’t coming up right on the Point of Sale computer at the store. I was able to jump on GoToMyPC, find the layaway item and help the salesperson solve the problem remotely. The relationship with the customer was successfully maintained.

What devices do you use to access your store computers?
At home, I use my laptop and my wife uses her iPad. I also use GoToMyPC on desktop computers in the back of my stores, because if I’m out on the sales floor, my customers engage with me and I can’t get work done.

What is your favorite comic book hero?
I like Howard the Duck, because it got me into collecting, but Wolverine is my all-time favorite hero.

Dr. Doom.

What makes your business special?
We like to say we’re “so much more than a comic book store.” We’ve been in business 10 years. While other comic book store chains have folded due to the economy’s troubles, we’ve grown to 3 locations because we’ve added merchandise that makes our stores fun for the whole family. We even have Batman bathing suits!

What would you consider the biggest benefit of using GoToMyPC?
In addition to theft prevention and business management, the ability to spend more time with family is a big benefit. Yesterday I was on GoToMyPC for 12 hours – able to manage all aspects of the business – from poolside, while my 2 children swam at their grandma’s house.

Thanks for sharing your story, Mike! We are so glad to hear that our product is making a difference in your business and improving your work-life balance.

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