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The Cat’s Meow: Interesting Uses and Favorite Features for GoToMyPC

As a tool to work on desktop computers from any device, GoToMyPC has a lot of pretty interesting uses. Many of us love our pets — some a bit more than others — so it should come as no surprise that the software would be applied to the web’s unofficial favorite animal: cats!

Glenn Dobson, community leader of social media at Citrix, recently told us:

I’ve worked for Citrix for 13 years and have used GoToMyPC the entire time. I use it to check on our home and our pets whenever we’re away for long periods of time. I connect to my home PC and view the webcam on its screen. I’ve checked on things from as far away as New Zealand, Italy and Ireland.”

See Glenn’s blog post about his use of GoToMyPC to spy on his two cats’ not-all-that-surprising activities in his home.

When Glenn’s not checking up on his pets, he’s all about making his work life more flexible and efficient.

GoToMyPC allows Glenn to confidently access his work PC without the hassle of a virtual private network (VPN). The highly encrypted data security measures employed by GoToMyPC eliminates the need to set up a VPN to access the company resources and internal sites available on his on-site company PC.

Not having to set up a dedicated work PC in my home along with a VPN is a big convenience for me, plus being able to use my phone if I’m away from my desk is a big plus.”

Making sure your cats aren’t using their claws to create art pieces out of your upholstery can be a 24/7 job, as is Glenn’s role as a community leader for Citrix.

“My other favorite feature is the Android app. Social media support can be a 24-hour job at times. There have been emergencies where I needed to look up some information to answer an important email but was out of the house, or make a change to a customer’s account after they contacted me on Twitter. Being able to do it quickly on my phone via the GoToMyPC app saved me having to rush home or to the office.”

Glenn also counts remote sound as another favorite feature:

“Being able to hear the sounds from my work computer is very handy. It means I can minimize the viewer but still know if someone has messaged me on our internal chat.”

What interesting uses have you found for GoToMyPC? Which features do you like the most? Let Glenn and the rest of the team know on Twitter!

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